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Subject: backlinks ready for testing

To Senior Associates:

Backlink software, the Crit Mediator, is now on the web and ready for
testing at:


Source code (by Ka-Ping Yee) is also posted. Feel free to download it
use it at your server, but be aware that we do not currently have
available to help you with any tech support.

We do not yet have a special test area as I write this, so until that
set up, be aware that you are making "real" backlinks that will be
to others using the system, and they will be expecting actual content.

This is currently running on one Pentium on a T1 line. We expect
this to become overloaded, so if you run into performance delays, that
probably the problem.

Everyone involved on this project is heavily overloaded, so we ask your
patience in responding to (or even reading) the massive amount of email
expect to receive starting very soon.

We urgently need additional funding to handle the work that this
project is
expected to attract. If you can help, please contact me at
peterson@foresight.org, or phone 415 917 1122, or just mail a check to:
Foresight Institute, PO Box 61058, Palo Alto, CA 94306 USA.

Eric, I, and everyone involved would like to thank the Senior
for making this project possible.

--Chris Peterson
Executive Director
Foresight Institute