Re: I intend, therefore I am.

Brent Allsop (
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 14:41:05 -0600

Lee Daniel Crocker <> said:

> I, for one, presently intend to preserve myself both in a Dewar and
> in a perpetual web site. Both will be expensive. If it came down
> to a decision on my deathbed that I could afford to be suspended
> only at the cost of giving up the web site that contained a lifetime
> of values and goals, I'd be inclined to keep the web site.

Wooow, this is a great idea! I've been trying to find some
way to "perpetually" archive much digital information such as diaries
and e-mail conversations which contain my intentions and goals and as
you say, this is what is really important and what is really me. But
you've made me realize: why lock it away in some vault or under some
dewar? Put it on the web!

How do you intend on accomplishing this? It's great that
there are organizations like Cryo-Care that can perpetually fund dewar
storage, it's too bad they apparently can't also do things like
perpetually fund data storage or a web site. (I've asked Cryo-Care
about this) It sounds like you know of a way to accomplish this.
Please tell us more.

Brent Allsop