PLONK and some other words (was Re: [2] Freedom or death)

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 19:09:16 -0700

OK, politeness seems to have run its course.

To DdO, Guardian of Humanity:


>Tell me, what crime is worse: kidnapping or murder? (rhetorical question!)

It's rhetorical if you're a simpleton or a kindergarten student.
I'm *so* glad they're providing Net access for you. Do your Mommy
and Daddy help with the big words?

You neglect to add the requisite ivory tower ideological crap:
"all other things being equal". The more complete answer is:
Depends on the circumstances.

Turn it around: which right is more important, life or liberty?
To whom, when and why? If your answer is "life", unconditionally,
the fact that you can't see both sides of the coin itself indicates
a lack of at least one species of compassion--believe it or not.

Turn it around another way: how much would someone have to *pay* you
to guarantee you'd not interfere with that person's choice to die?
If you can come up with a number, you have established what you think
that person's liberty is worth. Is this the same amount of money you'd be
willing to contract to pay me if I chose to die and you brought me back
anyway? If not, why not?

>Murder of course, because it's [effect is] irreversible. For this very
>reason, many oppose the death penalty; what if you **make a wrong
>judgement**? You can never undo the damage...the person is gone forever.

I oppose the death penalty, administered by third (uninvolved) parties
after the fact, for precisely this reason. I am more openminded about
self-defense which results in the initiator of force winding up in a
body bag.

How's that for ivory tower ideological crap?

>So, in the case of the reluctant suspension victim, the choice is easy
>you're full of ivory tower ideological crap, of course :(#(

Your words make it clear that in this matter, you do not believe
that reasonable minds may differ. Very well.

Grow up, and maybe we can actually have a conversation. 'Til then.... *PLONK*

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