Re: Galaxy brain problem

Geoff Smith (
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 15:45:28 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 11 Aug 1997, Max M (Not More.. Not less) wrote:

> Well I just found out that i have a little problem!
> When i get to be old and smart enough, I will incorporate my uploaded mind
> into the fabric of a galaxy. So far so good. I think that wil be room
> enough for my taste.
> The problem is though... where do I keep the backup?

I've wondered this myself. Sure, galaxies seem plentiful now, but so did
the great European forest, and now it is nothing more than a little patch
of trees on the Polish/Russian border. In a competitive universe of
galaxy brains, can one brain afford to waste half it's matter on
duplication? It seems to me that the brains with duplication will be
conquered by the twice-as-massive brains with no backup at all. I'm sure
all extropians would like to have a little security in their future, but
will this be possible? You can't cryonically freeze a galaxy brain that
has just been gobbled up by another, and if duplication takes away a
competitive edge, what other options are there? Is it paranoia to think
that the universe will only become more Darwinian after the singularity?