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Mon, 11 Aug 1997 17:39:14 -0400

T W A 8 0 0 C A S E C O R E

by Ian Williams Goddard

In early May, Pierre Salinger received 20 Suffolk
County Police reports containing the accounts of
TWA 800 eyewitnesses. They were sent to him by an
investigative journalist with a popular television
program who wanted to get his response for their
coverage of the accounts. Pierre made the reports
available to researchers. The contents of those
reports now appear at several Internet websites.

Since May I have studied and integrated the physical
events reported in those accounts with other evidence
in the case to create an animated fact-based scenario
of the events leading up to TWA 800's annihilation:

This animated model reveals witness locations, line-
of-sight launch-point triangulation, and events that
took place before TWA 800 exploded. Every detail of
the animation is based upon substantial evidence
including witness accounts, radar data, and
physical deformation to the plane:

The animated scenario is a subset of the "TWA 800
Case Core" -- a webpage covering the evidentiary
core of the TWA 800 Navy-missile case:

It's a graphics intensive page, so allow a few
minutes to download. Once the animation is down-
loaded, it should run more smoothly and quickly.

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