Re: dem dang otters

den Otter (
Fri, 8 Aug 1997 13:11:13 +0200

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> > "The following massive rant is meant for all those questioning the
> > idea of meme supremacy (some memes are [a lot] better than
> > others and one is the best [for all people, eventhough they may
> > not understand this yet]"
> Answer me this Mr Otter... the following concept is / is not the
> for the scientific method: any idea, however attractive, is rejected

> in the face of proof of it's falsity - ie: NO IDEA IS SACRED.
Except, maybe...the idea that no idea is sacred :))) You obviously seem to
think that this idea, this *meme*, is the most important one there is. It
*better* than other ideas like "the eternal unquestionable values of
this idea of yours sure beats the rest [blah, blah, blah etc.] You sir, are
a closet
MEME SUPREMACIST...shame on you and all your goats and camels!

Btw, I agree. You've hit the nail on da head. This is the supreme meme
reject falsity, always look for improvement. Apart from this, there are
logical and practical supreme society ethics [memes] like "don't harm
anyone who doesn't harm you". The Extropian Principles are (almost exactly)
the master meme [complex]. Go figure.

Furthermore, in my fine rant I have already explained why certain memes are
better than others. Memes that don't actively seek maximal life extension
trough *scientific* means will ultimately *always* kill the host [by
Transhumanistic memes give their host at least a fighting chance to attain
immortality (through lots of research and other hard work, not by wasting
on prayer or something like that). Deep inside all people just want to be
and [thus] *alive*. The "master meme" is supreme because, as explained in
rant, it is the *only one* that, by using your [duly] much acclaimed
principles, may lead to a future paradise of freedom, knowledge, happiness
eternal life.

Snipped the rest, since it basically was a collection of variations on
your "there's no meme supremacy/"scientifically" not possible theme. This
now been proven wrong, so, for the sake of consequence, you will now drop
your defective ideas...although you *never know* with obsessive folks...
Where does it hurt?

(hey, he was asking for it...)