Re: Patriarchy and the Age of Information

den Otter (
Fri, 8 Aug 1997 03:32:14 +0200

Rick Knight writes:


> Since survival issues aren't paramount in these much more
> technologically advanced times, it seems only logical that women
> reclaim their role as the natural life givers, care givers and that
> may likely give way to decision makers and leaders. Yet still,
> are the last fervent attempts, the primitive chest beating if you
> will, where men use their trump card, their strength and propensity
> for violence, to delay the inevitable. Of course, a great many of us

> (males) would be content with equality..conceptually anyway.
Enter: exowomb. This device will probably hit the streets within 20 years
so, maybe sooner. It will eventually mean the virtual end of pregnancy (in
western societies anyway), women will have a roll similar to that of the
casual cell donation. This is in itself a pretty neutral fact, it can
pretty much work both ways (emancipation or erosion of status). Male
(behaviour that's necessary to stand up for yourself, voice an opinion,
make yourself heard, for example on this list. Women are just too modest,
men too arrogant) will remain the decisive factor and patriarchies will
the standard, unless...some good research is done to determine exactly what
causes male and female behaviour, and the results are used to modify (for
with hormone treatment) the embryo/foetus in the exowomb so that males
become less agressive and females more agressive to create an equilibrium.
Voila, equality to go!