Re: Psychedelics, dreams, and a party game

Hara Ra (
Tue, 05 Aug 1997 23:42:42 -0700

Guru George wrote:
> Yes, very true. There was (still is, I believe) a psychiatrist called
> Stanislav Grof, who was one of the first people to get a hold of LSD for
> clinical trials, and has continued to believe in the efficacy of
> psychedelics for shaking up the old grey matter. And of course there's
> all the marvellous work being done by Shulgin and many others less known,
> especially into the use of MDMA as an 'empathogen'.

I may be showing some of Grof's slides in early September, those
interested please email me. I was also one of the early, legal!
volunteers who tried MDMA....

> This is really the area of drugs that connects with Extropianism most, I
> think - the clinical use of drugs to alter character long term, to mold
> one's own personality. I think right use of drugs (apart from for fun)
> would be primarily to balance out your character, like someone who is
> emotionally frozen should take MDMA, or there should be a drug that gets
> soft heads into some hardcore number crunching or something. And the
> main use for psychedelics, as you say, would be to introduce some noiz,
> to shake things up a bit, get some random stuff happening, also
> revealing one's hidden obsessions of the moment.
True, and wAAAAAy deeper than the cognitive approches favored by some
Extropians.... (any of you wanting to discuss this privately, well,
email me or see ya at Extro-3.)

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