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Hara Ra (
Tue, 05 Aug 1997 23:12:49 -0700

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho wrote:

> I'll make worse.(...)
Indeed you did.

> As a matter of fact, we are talking in the teacher's
> room (...)
> 1) Indeed, as a scientist I know that studying the reallity of
> the facts is much better than working in illusion. Even if we
> want to give another option to the other... For example, I repeat
> that the psychological external factor is important and lots of
> blacks will love more themselves and to living when they can
> make genetical skin-hair-eyes treatment...They already try to
> strenght their hair...
I have no idea how minority politics are handled in Brazil. The USA
values individualism and denying one's identity by attempting to appear
as one is not does not play well here as a minority viewpoint. Of
course there are many who alter their appearance for the usual reasons
of power and reaction to oppression. You might log onto one of the
alt newsgroups for blacks and ask what the term "oreo" means...

> 2)About the "cultural treatment", untill I have perceived, the
> "median" whites will like more to providing it when "pacients"
> will be white too.. <snipittey snip snip>

> 2)Ask, for ex ., a black woman if she wouldn't love to change her
> external characteristics. <furious snippity snip slash snip>

Three remarks, just shy of serious flaming:

1. I find your attitude offensive in the extreme. I perceive it as
extremely paternalistic, patriarchial and condescending.

2. Why don't you ASK some Blacks what they think of all this. Kennita,
do you want to say anything??

3. My limited impressions and very, very limited knowledge of things
Brazilian indicate a very biased male oriented Spanish culture in the
upper echelons of business and academia. Any comments?

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