Re: Psychedelic "Dimensions"

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho (
Mon, 4 Aug 1997 16:02:10 +0000

> Hagbard Celine (?) wrote:
> <snip>...people who would be most attracted to psychedelics would be
> those who are, in reality (whatever that may be), uncared for and
> misunderstood.
> Rick Knight responds:
> Having waited until the age of 34 to have transpersonal experiences
> through psychedelics, I can say that those with a lot of emotional
> baggage and unresolved stuff will have the hardest time with these
> drugs (not counting ecstasy, the current drug of choice in the gen-X
> rave community). Mushroom, acid, peyote and other potent psychedelic
> experiences are not for the immature or unwise. They should be
> regarded with respect.

About this subject, If we were in real democracies, not
mediocracies..., drugs should be better studied and
"counsciously" liberated, with lots of warnings, inclusive about the
admited dosis for each kind of person, psychologically speaking.
Anyone should be the "owner of its nose". But, for that, should
also be correctly instructed about the possible effects of its own

Prof. Gomes

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