Re(2): Racism

den Otter (
Mon, 4 Aug 1997 20:34:27 +0200

I wrote:
> >The people that stayed in Africa didn't go through this genetic
> >memetic "cleansing", and consequently didn't evolve nearly as

> >far as their emigrated counterparts. By staying, they outsmarted

> >themselves, so to speak.
John K. Clark responded:
> I have heard ignorant people say that blacks must be closer to apes than
> white people because their nose looks more like an ape's. I point out
> apes have thin lips just like white people and white's have more hair
> blacks and their straight hair is similar to that of apes and no ape has
> anything like the kinky hair of blacks and if you shave off all that hair
> a ape you will see a white skin. Does this mean that blacks are more
> evolved than whites?
Ok, this does it...

The following massive rant is meant for all those questioning the
idea of meme supremacy (some memes are [a lot] better than
others and one is the best [for all people, eventhough they may
not understand this yet]: ****the transhuman meme/complex****).

Whites rule the world. They have been at the top for a couple of
centuries, and will remain there for a long time to come *unless*
their inflated sanctimonious ego's cause them to let the awesome,
unprecedented power they have today, slip through their fingers.
If this happens we're all *screwed*: whites, 3rd world countries,
"developing democracies" worldwide etc, *and* the EXTROPIANS
who can *only* exist in a technologically advanced, reasonably
free and rational WHITE society. Ever wondered why (virtually?)
all transhumanists are white, why "The Meme" only has (limited)
success in *white* or at least higly *westernized* areas? Maybe the
others just can't *grasp* it, maybe it's just way beyond them like
the concept of "infinity". Maybe...their *genetic programming*
simply doesn't "allow" them to think that far...*ever*.

Suggestions of meme and gene equality are rediculous delusions,
wishful thinking or outright *lies*. If you didn't think that the extropian
memes are the best, you wouldn't call yourself an Extropian...I
mean: what would be the point?! Does anyone on this list seriously
belief that memes that *fool people* with nonsense about heavenly
rewards or whatever, thus keeping them from serious scientific
life extension methods, are ok? These memes *kill* the host,
is that in the host's benefit? Can you call death *succes*? Can
you call a miserable, misguided life ("all will be good when I die,
I'll go to heaven to collect my reward") *good*, is it the same as
a life that is eternal and a celebration of the senses? Would you
recommend a life of suffering, hard work and greyness to *anyone*?
Sometimes "tolerance" can be a killer...when it means you let
people (slowly) kill themselves and do nothing only because "interference"
could be seen as "intolerance". I'm not saying
that it's anyones "duty" to "save the world or whatever", but a
little less sanctimoniousness would be nice...

All memes and races are equal, some are just more equal than
others...get it?

Not all memes are "attainable" for all people. If this were the case,
the transhuman/extropian meme would have spread like wildfire
and would by now dominate the world, because it is the most *rational* one
by far. So most people aren't rational. They don't
(dare to) "think big". If one would look at the topography of trans-
humanism one would find a *relatively* "great" concentration in the LA
area, and the US in general. Also there would be some
"action" in the UK, Germany, the Nordic countries Australia and Canada.
There are some other countries with some (a handful) of
transhumanists but they're few and hardly worth counting (I found 1
transhumanist in [...]! wow!) Now if we look at the people themselves, we
see [ surprise, surprise!] mostly ***white, higher
educated males***. Relatively few females, some Asians,
Hispanics...Indians? Negroes?? None???? Isn't Extropy supposed
to be "the extend of a system's *intelligence*, information,vitality,
diversity and capacity for improvement"? So, I now conclude, using
*your* (official extropic) tools that white males are the most extropic
creatures on earth, that women tend to be more entropic than men,
and that whites are hugely more extropic than other "ethnic groups",
although there are disgustingly few extropians and "the world" should
bow it's head in shame...

Note: the "hidden Extropian" can be ignored in this little "test",
because a *real* Extropian will try to (and in this age of internet
etc. almost certainly *will*) get in touch with others of his kind in
order to have fun and to network. Am I wrong?

That's the "bad" news.

The good news is that brains will almost certainly be "reprogrammable" in
the future, thus giving ultimately all people
access to all memes, but more importantly the "Master Meme"
which brings eternal life, knowledge, freedom and happiness.

The bad news is: it might take a while. *But* we have increasingly
better cryonic suspension capabilities and an increasinly greater
lifespan due to better medical care, food etc, so there is hope.

This is an ongoing experiment, and I'm quite sure the future will
prove me completely right (actually, I feel like I'm explaining that
the eart isn't flat to a bunch of hard core Christian "believers", the
facts [see above] are so painfully clear that I can hardly believe how
otherwise obviously rational people can deny it some kind of
misplaced guilt trip???