Re: Psychedelics, dreams, and a party game

Hara Ra (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 20:30:47 -0700

Guru George wrote:
> Hara Ra <> wrote:
> >As the psychedelic
> >occupies the inhibitory sites, the noise level in the brain increases.
> >Noise when applied to a complex system will evoke whole complexes of
> >experience, well beyond mere pixillated snow type effects.

> Interesting. I recently posted to the effect that I now don't take
> trips very seriously anymore <snip> 'Prelude' to 'Consciousness
> Explained by Daniel > C Dennett, where he talks about dreams and
> a party game called 'Psychoanalysis' (it has other names too, I think).
> <major snip describing the game>

Yup. IMHO the noise theory applies well to dreaming. Since the brain has
numerous kinds of neurotransmitters, different substances, hormones, etc
will have differing effects.

> Of course, even if this is the correct explanation, there's still room
> for the possibility of hyperdimensional communications from transcendental
> machine elves and Psylocybin Powers alongside it! But that would make
> the job of separating the nonsense from the genuine hyperdimensional
> stuff very tricky indeed.

Indeed. As one who has traversed realms whose initiation are well
described by T McKenna, but with wildly differing results, I only
conclude that one's expectations are grist for the noisy mill. If one is
concerned with Logos, well, Logos stew for you! And when the
hyperdimensional stuff comes to some practical uses, then my interest
increases - till then, just more dreams.
> At any rate, this explanation of Dennett's had a very 'cooling',
> Epicurean effect on *my* psychedelic experience!
One area where noise can be very useful is in perturbing the frozen
emotional states and responses which all of us acquire during childhood
and early socialization....

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