Re: Separation of Homo cyber...

Anders Sandberg (
Fri, 1 Aug 1997 18:48:35 +0200 (MET DST)

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Prof. Jose Gomes Filho wrote:

> I would really propose a serious discussion about the possibility
> of our assuming right away a democratic separation of the Homo
> cyber ( or any other denomination that the group would agree..)
> from the Homo sapiens.

Yes, I have often been thinking about seceeding from homo sapiens and
starting my new species. Unfortunately, for the moment that would be
mainly a gesture and a rather ineffectual one for that matter. Of
course, if a lot of transhumanists together began to talk about
seceeding, things might be different.

One problem is that the majority would not like these ideas one bit.

> Most of us are here scientists and could try to prepair a
> "communitary" paper to be published on some of the science
> journals, where we would define the characterics of the new human
> species.

One cannot define a species into existence; it has to evolve. A paper
describing homo cyber would either be a post fact description, or an
attempt to prescribe a certain path. What about the transhumanists
who, for whatever reason, decide to evolve in another direction? I
don't think the future belongs to one species, I believe it belongs
to a whole taxum.

> When a new species feels the real necessity to take a
> better way of Evolution.

Feels the necessty? Aren't you a bit too teleological here?

> Besides that, it is * very stressing* and even dangerous
> trying to convince the Homo sapiens, in particular the "teological"
> variety, to really evolute ( some of then have even created a
> heaven...and "perfectly" created by a "perfect being, so, what
> more could they wish???) . Who would wish to join us, would be
> welcome, who not, just DO NOT PERTURB!!!

I agree with you on this; there is no point forcing our values onto
others just as we don't want values forced upon us. That is why a
separation may be a good thing, but usually separations also lead to
conflicts (when you encounter the Xs daily, it is harder to become
prejudiced against them than if you rarely meet them).

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