Separation of Homo cyber...

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 15:27:12 +0000

I would really propose a serious discussion about the possibility of
our assuming right away a democratic separation of the Homo cyber
< or any other denomination that the group would agree..)
from the Homo sapiens. Most of us are here scientists and could try
to prepair a "communitary" paper to be published on some of the
science journals, where we would define the characterics of the new
human species. This always, happened in the so-called nature
(from which we are the supreme "creation" and leaders (at least on
earth...)). When a new species feels the real necessity to take a
better way of Evolution... Some say, for example that some of our
ancestrals have migrated from the regions where they were verifying
there were less possibilities of survivor and then the nature arrived
to the "sapiens". Now the thing may happen again...and we could
migrate to a new existencial region...( To where we have already
going) Besides that, it is * very stressing* and even dangerous
trying to convince the Homo sapiens, in particular the "teological"
variety, to really evolute ( some of then have even created a
heaven...and "perfectly" created by a "perfect being, so, what
more could they wish???) . Who would wish to join us, would be
welcome, who not, just DO NOT PERTURB!!! But first, I suppose, we
should discuss which should be such characteristics.

PS1: We should talk for example to the transhumanists and other
groups of intelectuals of other areas so we could get better well
succeeded joining our experiences... Wasn't it prophetized that
mankind would change in the Third Millenium?. Or it was just a
religious delirium, or the human being possesses an extrapolative
perception of the future and just misinterpreted its feelings,
confused with the religious stuff and thought even that world would
finish and... Jesus would come from the clouds: ridiculous... (beware
with the religious's reaction...)

PS2: If think that,if the main problem is really cultural and,
obviously not ethnic, for example, why not parallely beginnig, to
"sell" the idea of an associated cultural development movement with
the ascension of the Homo sapiens.. We would at least give a chance
to the others's evolution too... Some of them just choose other paths
because have got no other information...

Prof. Gomes

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