Re: Posthuman

Carl Feynman (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 09:55:55 -0400

At 02:51 PM 7/30/97 -0600, Brent Allsop wrote:
>Imagine the perfect visual
>clarity one might experience without having to go through all the
>messy mechanics of a vidio display and the eye and retina...

In fact, why stop at stimulating the optic cortex? Stimulate the systems,
conscious and unconscious, that get output from the optic cortex. Then we
won't be limited to only being able to see things in front of us, or
restricted to a mere three primary colors, or a mere ten million pixels of

It is well known to people who take hallucinogens that it is possible to
perceive colors more saturated than any real percept, as well as images of
far finer resolution. This indicates to me that there are internal
representational channels in the visual system whose capabilities are
*never* fully exploited by everyday life. If we could modulate them with
meaningful signals, we could make the world both more beaytiful and more