Re: Meme supremacy

den Otter (
Sun, 31 Aug 1997 12:19:15 +0200

I wrote:
> >There is nothing wrong with "discriminating" against other memes;
> >after all, they _are_ inferior to the forerunners (the transhuman
> >philosophies) of the "master meme"
> [snip]
> >Underneath that aryan exterior there still
> >will be a negro soul...people will still hate eachother, just not at
> >glance. The change of skin won't solve the problems of unevenly
> >intelligence (in the broadest sense of the word), the real cause for
> >racism.
Damien Broderick wrote:

> Jesus wept, what's *happening* to this list?
> Please tell me this disgusting piece of racism is just an unfortunately
> botched attempt to say something less offensive.
Please read without prejudice (to the tune of "Mission Impossible").

Yes, what *is* happening to this list? As soon as you post something
slightly controversial you get a knee-jerk holier than thou reaction
like this. I really was hoping we could discuss racism and related
issues on this list, which is supposed to offer intelligent discussion
on just about any topic.

Anyway, let me clarify what I meant (a part of it at least).
Contrary to popular (or rather: media) "belief" racism is not (only)
about the colour of eyes, skin or hair. Example:kindergarten kids call
the redhead names because he/she is different, but when they all
grow up they won't think that the "different" redhead is (mentally)
inferior. And he/she isn't of course, you can't afawk tell intelligence
by the colour of hair or eyes. Skin, and facial features etc. are
something different. They _can_ be (*generally speaking*) an
indication of cultural advancement and general "intelligence"/or the
lack of it. By looking at a person you can *usually* tell with reason-
able accuracy what the level of education etc is. Now if one sees a
black person the general reaction will be one of suspicion and
unease, often a feeling of superiority (this is _not_ "racist nonsense"
but a cold hard fact. All races distrust others, it's a gene thing, and
*all races* look down on negroes. The Arab, the Asian, the Caucasian,
the native American...just listen carefully on the bus, in the mall, on
the street...or just ask someone you know to be *really honest* about

"Prejudice" as the media like to call it is often simple rational thinking.
The facts: the whole of central and southern Africa hasn't produced
an even remotely technolological "modern civilization". Fact: they did
not even invent the wheel or bow and arrow. Unlike for example native
Americans they did not adapt when confronted by white (Boer) settlers
and were crushed (while the American natives were primarily defeated
by "alien" diseases like smallpox). Black Africans have been favoured as
slaves since ancient times, because they were often well built and
none too bright. They *are* generally less in control of their
emotions...the list goes on and on. It's really too bad for the blacks, but
history and present day reality are rather harsh judges. There is no
"justice" in nature, just in our heads.

Now if you really want to help you have to acknowledge the problem
first. And of course there are plenty of smart, kind and "civilized"
blacks equal or even better than many whites, but...a) they are often
of mixed race, so "genetically enhanced" and no longer real "blacks"
b) they could fully develop themselves only because they grew up in a
white "civilized" culture that is reasonably supportive (certainly when
compared to a primitive tribe) of critical thinking, science etc.
Believe me, these modern blacks don't feel much of a "bond" with
their less advanced congeners. And why would they...mental
properties are after all more important than looks...right?

Now about the meme thing: do you honestly belief that "all memes
are equal"? If so, why aren't you over at Christian chat or Commytalk?
After's all the same thing.

Now can you get off of that moral high horse and discuss *reality*,
or do you prefer to remain an upstanding politically correct member
of the community?

P.s. I am not more racist than any person who reads this, just more
realistic and honest.

Cheers, :-) ~~~~ )-: