About other universes: Replying...

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho (gomes@dpx.cnen.gov.br)
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 17:44:10 +0000

In my point of view, we should consider the Universe on the
mathematical way, as the whole set of all. Any other set would just
be united to the whole set, being nothing more than one of its
subsets... On considering "different universes" is the same as
considering rational numbers completely diverse, in essence, from
irrationals. They are all real numbers, and complex,
hypercomplex, etc. What could be infinite is the union of all

About life in all subsets....

Another interesting question is if may exist virtual lifeforms that
would possess the property of virtual teletransport, sensing and
acting elsewhere, but their "base" would be matterial and fixed
somewhere in space-time... like ourselves (for while...)

(At least, it would become a good sci-fi book... hehehe)

> From: Eric Watt Forste <arkuat@pobox.com>
> Hal Finney writes:
> > The essential mystery will remain: are there infinite universes,
> > most of which have no life? Is there just one, and somehow it was
> > created in the preferred state where life can evolve? I think
> > there is a substantial issue here even accepting the AP.

Prof. Gomes

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