Re: Posthuman

Brent Allsop (
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 14:51:48 -0600

Prof. Gomes <> responded to Anders Sandberg
<> remark:

> > Hmm, this gave me a truly bizarre idea: if somebody has a
> > high-resolution chromophorous skin and a net link, it might be
> > possible to use it as a kind of videophone. Imagine talking to a
> > small face on your palm...

> **** or directly in the eyes... (something like that glasses tv set
> that was shown once at Discovery...)

Why even go through these messy, noisy, insensitive, and
inefficient, multiple transduction stages to and from light? Let's
directly stimulate the optic nerve. Or even better directly produce
the visual experience right in our visual cortex (or the corresponding
much more capable cortex to which we've been uploaded.) We certainly
don't pump audio through a speaker and back into a microphone every
time we want to communicate audio signals! Imagine the perfect visual
clarity one might experience without having to go through all the
messy mechanics of a vidio display and the eye and retina... I hate
heavy glasses and display screens that always get dirty.

Brent Allsop