Re: Posthuman
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 11:47:36 -0400 (EDT)

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<< > In a message dated 97-07-27 12:12:54 EDT, he said:
> << Since we seem to be rapidly approaching a time when we will be able to
> alter
> our own bodies via genetics, nanotechnology, etc. I have a simple
> What will you change?
> >>

And I said:
> I think I'd like a body like "The Incredible Hulk".....minus the green
> tint...with biotechnics as per Weber's Moon series ....after that I might
> get creative.
> EvMick

And you said:

What about variable chromogeometry ?


Not a bad idea now that you mention it....or better yet..."chameleon skin"
similar to the bad guy in "Predator"..

All seriousness aside...and upon further reflection...I beleive I'd go the
giant nanocomputer route....with telepresence to whatever I wanted/needed
given the situation..."Utility Fog" sounds most useful.

Linda Nagata explores this in a different context in her first book (title
excapes me just now) does Walter Jon Williams in "Aristoi".

Mt Vernon Mo