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At 07:57 AM 7/27/97 +0000, Kathryn Aegis wrote:

>Natasha V. More:

>>The gay
>>community has become quite recognized and powerful in many segments of
>>society. It is not longer considered a handicap, but a voice of
>I'm sorry, Natasha, but all current evidence runs against your

Your current evidence takes the slant of making a living in society where I
was referring to social acceptance of gays. Surely there are those who are
pigeon holed in unprogressive thinking, but on a whole progress happens
regardless of those who are antagonistical to it.

There is evidence to show discrimination against many areas of professional
society especially in work-related areas. Regardless of this fact, the gay
community has created a voice for itself and that voice is surely being heard.

>The staff of national gay organizations, which I interact with
>on a regular basis, would dearly like to take a break and would give
>almost anything to have the kind of power and influence you mention.

Is is beginning to and will continue to.

>Violence and social approbabation, losing one's job and housing are
>the daily realities for gay persons all over the globe. Yes we have
>made progress, but it is slow, hard-won, and easily lost. Even in
>the field of the arts, which I assume you may be using as an example,
>gay art is often ghettoized, and many remain in the closet to keep
>their jobs.

However true, these are concerns for many areas of discrimination. The
field of arts didn't play a part in my thinking probably because the "arts"
are basically less gender conscious than most fields.

> Yes, I see much hope ahead, also a lot of work, but
>work that none of us would take on if we didn't see the chance to
>make a better life.

>I am sorry that this does not sound as
>optimistic as your above statement, but I would rather develop an
>optimism that deals with things as they really are and where we have
>the most chance of making a better life.

No one is assuming that in order to look ahead one needs to be unrealistic.

The basic facts are that the gay community is more widely known, heard and
understood than 10 years ago. Twenty years from now, it a lot of the social
problems will be non-issues. There may be other problems, just as in other
areas of society, and these will be dealt with in time.

I understand your concern and dismay at chipping away at a seemingly
impenetrable wall.

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