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E. Shaun Russell (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 11:59:30 -0700

Kathryn wrote:

>I'm sorry, Natasha, but all current evidence runs against your
>statement. The staff of national gay organizations, which I interact with
>on a regular basis, would dearly like to take a break and would give
>almost anything to have the kind of power and influence you mention.
>Violence and social approbabation, losing one's job and housing are
>the daily realities for gay persons all over the globe. Yes we have
>made progress, but it is slow, hard-won, and easily lost.

What I have noticed with many "rights groups" is that they don't
have a set reason for their actions. Why does sexual orientation have to
be a major situation in the workplace or society? I believe that one of
the main purposes of such organizations is to attract attention to a
certain group in hopes of promoting equality; however, this does not so
much promote equality as promote a separation. When people hear of "gay
marches" [by the way, I'm using homosexuality as an example...the same is
true of any rights group] they automatically see gays as a particular --a
group that is set apart from the rest of society.

In an ideal world, each individual would be treated *as*
individuals regardless of their race, culture, creed, sexual orientation,
physical handicap etc. In an ideal world one *person* would make his own
judgments on another *person* based upon the ideas and personality that
other person possessed. We haven't come close to achieving this ideal
world yet. People are still consumed by hatred for other groups...not
considering the individuality of each member. I think that the only way to
confront this is for each individual to not attract attention to their
sexual orientation, race, creed etc. By suggesting this, I do not mean
that each person should try to ignore or hide his\her sexual orientation
etc., but accept it for him\herself and not make a big deal out of it. One
should not try to attract attention *because* of his\her sexual orientation
etc., but set goals and achieve them...proving that being "gay" is not a
hindrance or something to be ashamed of, but something to accept and
incorporate into one's daily life. When a group sections itself off from
society, it creates an animosity because most other people will want to be
sectioned of as well. The general thought will usually be: "Why are *they*
wanting special rights for their gayness when I can't get special rights
for my <whatever>?" I have more thoughts on this matter, but I'd like to
hear what people think of this first.

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