now what's a "small" computer, again?

Anton Sherwood (
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 20:43:42 -0700

>From Roswell (!), EvMick reminisces ...

: ...down in the underground was a marvel
: of state of the art computing powwer....a room about the size of a
: basketball court...Airconditioned of course...with row upon row of
: Winchester disk drives (30/30...) each being about the size of a
: household dishwasher (the mechanical one) all of them together had
: less memory I imagine than I have in my laptop...and I only have 1.2 gig.

About four years ago I sold my 100MB external disk to a friend
(when I got an internal 120MB for my notebook, recently retired).
He's still using it, but lately he craves more space.
He made a phone call:
"...How much for, say, a hundred meg?"
"They don't make 'em under a gigabyte anymore."

I remember that once upon a time I could remember
when it was possible to buy a 5MB disk.

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