Anton Sherwood (
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 20:39:44 -0700

Nigel Jacob writes
: It is my contention that the notion of a physical Frontier to be
: explored, settled, tamed, understood etc. is central in determining
: whether or not humanity(either en masse, or individually) can "evolve", in
: any meaningful use of that term. Thus, I am curious as to whether or not
: any of you think that extropianism can succeed as a movement within the
: confines of a society without an accessable Frontier.
: Is it likely that extropianism, or any phenomological decendent of
: such, can truly take hold within this society? And if so, do we risk
: becoming a subculture?

Please define "phenomological" and "subculture".

Can a technological frontier substitute for a physical one?
Well, not for everybody -- farming in Kansas may not be much fun
but it's open to more people than, say, microbiology.

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