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Thu, 24 Jul 1997 00:11:25 -0700

At 03:38 PM 7/24/97 +0000, Damien wrote:
>At 09:58 PM 7/23/97 -0700, Max More, PhD wrote:
>>Caps have a legitimate place but
>>definitely should be used very sparingly if you're not to look like a loon.
>>Thanks damien broderick. ;-)
>You're confusing me with danny, which satisfies neither of us. :)
>Or maybe with Daniel Lee Crocker... [distant scream, off]

Er, I don't think so. This was what you said (see third and fourth lines):

>None of this has anything directly to do with the worth of the ideas
>signified. Forrest suggests that `Realistic Optimism' might be preferable.
> I'd recommend `critical optimism' (and ixnay the caps, a standard mark of
>crackpotism). Using the word `critical' does tend to turn off a lot of
>people whose mental functioning operates at the Men Are From Ma's level,
>but it fits in to the mainstream of western philosophical analysis, not to
>mention Popperian accounts of how science works.
>Damien Broderick (professional meme-maker)

Damien, I would never confuse your writing with Danny's. (BTW, its "Lee
Daniel" rather than "Daniel Lee".)

Max, protecting his editors credentials!

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