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> >> I remember reading that the Basque
> >> people have genetic markers
> >> unlike any other known group of H. Sapiens.
> >> Since they occupy a
> No, just unlike any *nearby* H. Sapiens.
> >I believe there is excellent correlation
> >between linguistics and genetic
> >analysis, promoting mere linguistics to
> >puissant palaeolinguistics status
> >(it may have been a SciAm article).
> >Particularly the Basqs seem to be able
> >to having preserved their identity since
> >the last glacial, as their
> >language shows strong similiarities to
> >certain Central African dialects
> >(sorry, no refs, my neurons are dying busily).
> Yes, that was a SciAm article, but the linguistic similarities were to
> Athabascan languages, which are a group of Amerind languages in North America
> separate from the main group and due to an invasion of related peoples across
> the Bering strait or landbridge significant after that which created the main
> group of Amerind cultures. I think there were two isolated Siberian
> languages related to them as well. I remember these details because I was so
> struck that they found the relatives of the Basques (which had been a mystery
> for centuries) and even more struck by who the relatives turned out to be.
> Small world, indeed.

SO this means that the Indians discovered Europe first, not the other
way around?

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