Re: META: Hierarchal List Structure

Bobby Whalen (
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 16:40:03 PDT

Eric Watt Forste wrote:

>Bobby Whalen wrote suggesting a three-level hierarchy with a
>mailing list at each of the three levels. I think it might be
>more interesting if we were to use a different electronic medium
>for each of the three levels.
>For instance, Bobby's level two could be carried on by those who
>are interested in reinvigorating the alt.extropians newsgroup.
>This would also produce lots of spam for people to exercise
>their filtering tools on.
>Level three could be an #extropy channel on IRC. Just pick a

My concern with this idea however, is that it may have the opposite
effect of which I'm intending - to destroy the sense of community I'm
trying to nurture.

Many people here say they respond to ideas most. For me, the *people*
behind those ideas are just as important. Because the real power of this
list has been the opportunity its given me to meet like-minded people
with whom I can share ideas and polish my thinking.

I would hate to see this list disintegrate into factions of people
hiding behind excessive filters - although I sense this may already be
happening to a large extent. (Or is that just my paranoia talking?)

Bobby Whalen

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