Re: META: List Topics

Dan Clemmensen (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 18:55:48 -0400

Hagbard Celine wrote:
> Okay, I'm no scientist. So the subjects that make you raise your
> eyebrows and smirk, are not necessarily the ones that elicit the same
> reaction from me. Given that no one is issued a list of taboo
> subject-matter when they join this list, such pseudo-science should be
> expected. Anyway, if it's as worthless as you think, don't bother
> responding. Let the thread die. If it doesn't die, then somebody wants
> to discuss it. "Extropian" is so damn broad that an argument for or
> against discussion of any topic is possible. If hard science as it
> applies to extropy is what some consider the most important facet of the
> extropian meme, maybe we need more than one list.

The Extropian is IMO dedicated to the advancement of humanity, that
is to the idea of improvement. Pseudo-science is a serious diversion,
in several ways. It's perfectly acceptable to invoke new physics,
but you must do so explicitly. Otherwise, you are simply exploring
an alternate universe that has no relationship to the improvement
of humanity.
Topics that I have no interest in include:
Roswell (would require an unrealistically large conspiracy)
Abrupt pole shift (violates law of conservation of angular momentum)

In general, I simply skip this garbage without reading it.