META: List Topics

Hagbard Celine (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 17:42:21 -0400

Forrest Bishop wrote:

> Danny wrote:
> >I think I think the exact opposite on whats fun and whats wasting. I think
> >ideas like water-powered cars and pole shift are neat and will have huge
> >impacts on the world if true. Live a little!
> Then please find another venue for these kinds of subjects, I'm sure there are
> many other lists that hash them out.

Okay, I'm no scientist. So the subjects that make you raise your
eyebrows and smirk, are not necessarily the ones that elicit the same
reaction from me. Given that no one is issued a list of taboo
subject-matter when they join this list, such pseudo-science should be
expected. Anyway, if it's as worthless as you think, don't bother
responding. Let the thread die. If it doesn't die, then somebody wants
to discuss it. "Extropian" is so damn broad that an argument for or
against discussion of any topic is possible. If hard science as it
applies to extropy is what some consider the most important facet of the
extropian meme, maybe we need more than one list.

I love it loud,