The Shoe incident

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On Sun, 20 Jul 97 "Rick Knight" <> Wrote:

>The nature of my questions is not to advocate believe in UFOs

Why not, I believe in UFOs and have seen lots of them, everybody has. I'll
bet that if I went outside right now I would see something I couldn't
identify in a hour or two. Big deal. People forget what the "U" in "UFO"
stands for, my only objection is when people insist on turning a UFO into a
IFO and "identify" a light they saw in the sky as a starship from planet

>these myths exist in our culture for a purpose, to work out something
>that likely exists as an unrecognized undercurrent within our culture.

I think there are 2 root causes of junk science, one is noble and one is not.

1) People feel a sense of awe when they contemplate the universe, as well
they should. Mystics, Scientists, religious people and flying saucer nuts
all have this in common.

2) Laziness. Junk Science fans remind me of kids who gorge on jelly beans,
they just wallow in awe and don't do their homework that would allow them
to explore and find an even deeper beauty.

>I'm sure someone in the know will pipe up with the likely political
>allegory tied to the woman in the shoe story

It's no allegory it's cold hard fact. My uncle told me his neighbor had a
friend who's brother heard a man in a bar say that his former commanding
officer dated the sister of the man who cleaned the pool of the postman of
the CIA interrogator of the son of the old lady who lived in the shoe. Well
one of the sons, she had a lot of children actually.

This is IRONCLAD proof that the story is true, there is no other possible
explanation. The fact that there is no physical evidence of any sort for any
of this must mean there is a huge conspiracy of government and the evil
moneyed interests to suppress this technology because it would turn
comfortable footwear into affordable housing for all.

>although I don't think it's a cold war connection <G>.

Not so, poor housing caused a lot of resentment in the Soviet Union and was
one of the reasons for its downfall. Now that the cold war is over there are
signs that the tight grip over the old lady's technology is starting to
loosen up, you will note that basketball shoes have gotten much more
sophisticated since 1989, further proof that there was an old lady who lived
in a shoe and she had so many children she didn't know what to do.

John K Clark

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