Re: The continuing evolution of business and education

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 21:01:59 -0700

I confess that my attention is limited, too, Mr.
Forste, and that in my experience, simple, direct
speech is prized by most of the people I respect.

Mr. Genen seems to be more attuned to making
orotund, supercilious-sounding pronouncements
than to direct response. Rather like excerpts from
"Yes, Minister". His proud yet veiled description
of his years spent crafting an ever-more-snug
creche of laws for all of us to be cradled in
may point to a cause. OTOH...

Perhaps this obliqueness is evidence that we
really are blessed with a stranger in our midst.
"Didn't know what principled argumentation was..."

Possibly he knows how to decode the 18 hours of
"noise" recorded by a certain head-mounted camera.

Then again, the best way to yank someone's chain
is to pretend you're not doing it. Diplomatic
provocation, more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger,
contrived urbanity, that sort of thing
I suggest we all give Mr. Genen enough chain
that tension is hard to apply. If it's just a
"brainsizing" exercise, he'll tire of it
and wander off soon, if not soon enough.

Meanwhile, step up preparations for Plan B.

Killfiles? Let's not be rude and announce them.

"Interesting thought -- and worth pondering and expanding upon in the
greater social context."


>If my post was "kvetching for the sake of kvetching", then what the hell
>is this? Blathering for the sake of blathering?
>Consider *this* post kvetching for the sake of my not having to start
>using killfiles on the extropians list.
>Eric Watt Forste ++ ++ expectation foils perception -pcd
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