Key Breakthrough in Human History

Rick Knight (
Mon, 21 Jul 97 09:03:21 CST

Guru George said:

I would be *very* cautious about this. What worries me is this
there's a lot of evidence to suggest that infants are a bundle of
expectations - possibilities waiting to be fulfilled by events in the
world. This is how nature and nurture interact, in the broad sense.
Artificial wombs would have many positive benefits, for sure, but I
worry that infants raised in them might be mentally disturbed by the
lack of typical womb-like sounds and sensations, and also the
responsiveness and 'feedback' or 'communication' between mother and
child in-womb (e.g. infant shifts position, mother shifts position,
stuff like that).

Rick comments (relative to a previous assertion about the "intent of

Maybe nature doesn't have a conscious intent like how we think of it
to be. However, this was my very thought when people here started
lauding this as "Yippie" we're human free! I, too, am rather curious
about the resultant being who has no human connectivity during its