Psychedelic Dimensions

Rick Knight (
Mon, 21 Jul 97 08:35:45 CST

Guru George wrote to Danny:

My worry was that you just seem to be a wee bit hostile to, and
uncomprehending of, science. You see, it's not that scientists are
trying to spoil anything or get one over on you, it's that they want
to get things right, and the best way to do that is to test,
criticise, and test again. This may *seem* destructive, but in the
end, it is destructive only of falsehood.

Rick appends:

We really do rely on the perspectives that each bring to the table.
Testing for empirical evidence (which I have playfully taunted in
previous posts) is a key component in discovery. Each of us can get
dug in to extremes though. Guru George is making a valid point Danny,
watch your trigger finger... <G>