Keep Your Mouth Shut...

Rick Knight (
Sun, 20 Jul 97 18:22:55 CST

...say those whose motto is to "protect and serve".

Hegbard Celine's recounting of his "interference with police business"
pissed me off so royally. Those types of situations really get my
activist ire up and I really need to get in touch with that. For a
person who rather simplistically advoicates peace, all it takes for me
to say "screw that!" is one unreasonable asshole of a cop who, given
the lack of better psychological profiles that would otherwise screen
him out of such "service", is instead the one the limited mental
capacity, the gun, the billy club, the computer and radio and most
importantly the judicial power to screw up your life, whether for 24
hours or 24 years.

When I was speaking of "ego" earlier, I wasn't talking about the lay
usage. Ego is a sense of self. It is the skewed sense of self that
starts a slow drift towards sociopathy that I was speaking of.

This cop and his extraordinary lack of judgment exhibited what I
consider sociopathic tendancies, is not fit to wear a uniform of what
is euphemistically referred to as a "peace officer". I wish there was
a way to realistically get through to people like that but
unfortunately, right now I can't think of any. I'm too busy
fantasizing about a cyber scourge of this man's personal credit
profile which makes his daily life a real chore <G>. I knew I
should've taken Hacking 101.

Breathing deeply and coming back to nominal levels.