The Intent of Nature

Rick Knight (
Sun, 20 Jul 97 18:36:02 CST

I said in a post regarding planetary impact of "taker" cultures:

"Since we've evolved beyond what nature intends ...looks like there is
still some evolving to do..."

EvMick responded:

I would recommend books by Richard Dawkin. "Selfish Gene, Blind
Watchmaker, River Out of Eden" to back up my assertion that nature
doesn't "intend" anything.

I respond:

Thanks for flagging that. I wasn't "intent"ionally imbuing sentience
into nature (but not presuming to deny a planetary consciousness

I also want to clarify what I think is an impression that ancient
civilizations lived passively to the environment. Certainly the
ancient empires wrought their havoc on their "world" in ways similarly
to the way we are today. I should stress that it's not the aggressive
world dominating powers that malign the planet that is preferable over
the simple aboriginal whose survival is based on the elements and
their ability to outwit it or be lucky. There's a place in between
though where everyone would be better off I would guess.