Re: the face in Cydonia

Hara Ra (
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 16:46:31 -0700

Hagbard Celine wrote:

> I don't really know enough about the whole Mars face thing to comment on
> Anton's questions (other than that it looks a lot like Elvis). But I
> would like to ask whether list members think it merits closer
> inspection, and if not, why?

I once viewed Hoagland's video on the Mars face (and sundry other
topics, but mostly about the face). The more he talked, the less
believable it became. Various measurements were made from the face to a
number of less than distinctive features in the nearby landscape, and
then the kind of numerology one learns to associate with pyramidologists
appeared, "proving" the possibility of advanced civilizations, etc, etc,

Sorry, folks, I trust my MEGO response as a sure fire bullshit detector.
Hasn't been wrong yet.....

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