the face in Cydonia

Anton Sherwood (
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 18:27:38 -0700

: Hoagland [...] commissioned sculptor Kynthia Lynne to create
: an analogue clay model of the Face and surrounding terrain.
: When compared with the independent computer studies conducted
: there was strong correlation.

A model commissioned by Hoagland has the properties Hoagland claims.
Is that at all interesting?

: Dr Carlotto examined Viking imagery in 1986/7 using shape-from-shading,
: disproving the "trick of light and shadow" theory.

Disproving how?

: He noted the possibility that teeth were present in the mouth of
: the Face, and that these were not artifacts of imaging, appearing
: in pictures taken at two different sun angles.

What, there are different pictures? How come none of the books
and articles I've seen show a second picture?

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