Re: Eidetic Anti Matter
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 12:42:55 -0400 (EDT)

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> Eidetic Imaging:
>A kind of heightened mental visualisation.
>From my limited reading and
>intermittent experience it can be
>described as the moment where mental
>images cease to be voluntary and tenuous
>and suddenly begin to paint
>themselves into sharper, intense and
>more luminous detail so that the
>image or series of images seem very
>suddenly to be more experienced
>than imagined.

This is going to be a buzzword used to milk New Age suckers of their money.
"Eiditic" is really a type of memory - a perfect memory of all sensory
information, kind of an upgrade from photographic. Pretty much only children
have it - they lose it by adulthood. Actually it's not perfect, although
that's its reputation; just very good.

>I once heard some science show say that the energy yield from a
>theoretical anti matter engine would get us to Pluto in nine
>minutes...I more recently heard that a wee chunk of it has been
>manufactured and am curious as to what's to be done with it.

Absolutely nothing will get you to Pluto (which is 8 light-hours away) in 9
minutes. They have anitmatter in the lab, yes, but as individual atoms,
which is about 10e26th of what you need for a drive. Don't buy any tickets