Eidetic Anti Matter

Sat, 19 Jul 97 16:16:52 0

I've got two points of curiosity and would like to hear from any
researchers (official or other) about:

Eidetic Imaging:

A kind of heightened mental visualisation. From my limited reading and
intermittent experience it can be described as the moment where mental
images cease to be voluntary and tenuous and suddenly begin to paint
themselves into sharper, intense and more luminous detail so that the
image or series of images seem very suddenly to be more experienced
than imagined. So suddenly that I wonder what threshold is being
passed: chemical, electrical? Or whether this is simply a matter of a
rapid re organization of consciousness into a kind of extreme inner

In case you're wondering this is not neccesarily a psychedelic nor
schizophrenic meandering. My first and so far only prolonged
experience of this sort of thing was way before ingesting anything so
tasty. It has been documented that children experience this more than

Anyway, I was wondering whether any of you may be experimenting on
college students...for all I know California may be teeming with
eidetic workshops but I can't find any in my phone book.

Anti Matter:

I once heard some science show say that the energy yield from a
theoretical anti matter engine would get us to Pluto in nine
minutes...I more recently heard that a wee chunk of it has been
manufactured and am curious as to what's to be done with it.

Anyone got any clues?

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