Re: Anarchy and spontaneous order in business and education

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 18:39:56 -0400

Andrea Gallagher wrote:
> So, in an anarchic (or market-like) school, what do you have to show the
> employers? You need something more consise that the entire portfolio of
> work, and you'd like something that helps them rank you in relation to
> other applicants. The option our federal government like is to create one
> Great Standard Tesk of All Knowledge, but that's likely to dictate how
> children are made to learn and doesn't help in specialized fields. I'd
> rather start thinking from the employer's perspective, of what they need to
> know. Any ideas?
> Andrea

ELiezer Yudkowski's proposed Institutes of Verification, where one goes
to test for copmetency in ones field independent of the school or
college one attends, therefore, there is no pressure for grade
inflation, etc. is one solution. A big standard test would be useful if
one could take it several times through high school to get an idea of
where the individual may need to focus more attention.

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