Re: Anarchy and spontaneous order in business and education
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 14:31:48 -0400 (EDT)

James Rogers wrote:

> > I see this as a possibility, companies could be considered a group of
> > ranked individuals all serving the same goal. This would be easily
> > implemented within creative environments, which will probably dominate
in the
> > near future due to automation.
> I would have to disagree. Decision by consensus makes poor business sense
> and becomes increasingly unusable as the number of individuals increases.
> Although it produces arguably more intelligent results, the process is
> simply too slow and tedious to be responsive to the market. A team of
> people does not have the focus and direction that a single over-riding
> individual (manager) can give, and cannot make decisions as quickly.

Possibly 'company' was a bad word for use in what I am trying to describe.
The anarchic system would mean all people are individuals, they do not work
for a company or government. Each individual offers goods and services on
the market; whether these individuals form into groups or operate under a
company name is irrelevant. Companies can be described as a group of
individuals each working towards the same goal, they don't have to know each
other, they don't even have to have contracts between them. They can even be
in competition, but still working towards progress in the same area.
Management decision is limited, because the market decides who does what.
For instance, if I produce X amount of a product, but cannot seal that
amount I will reduce X and put my resources into other area's. There is no
consensus between groups of individuals as they work alone (unless they
decide on consensus). Therefore each person only manages him or herself,
surely this is faster than hierarchical management?

Obviously taking figures out of chaos is hard, but I would think production
and company management would improve dramatically - If we have the
communications infrastructure to handle such a system.

I don't see this as the most democratic system, or the fairest system. I see
this as the system that will build a competitive and productive environment
that will increase progress.