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At 06:31 AM 7/14/97 +0000, Kathryn Aegis wrote:
>>I wrote off-line to Natasha to say that the first two vaginoplasties were
>>conducted in 1931 (although attempts to create a vagina on an essentially
>>female-phenotype person were made in 1761, ouch!). The first phalloplasty
>>was carried out between 1945 and 1948.
>Were the subjects adults or babies? Was the surgery voluntary?

Great points. In the book I had read, _The Sexual Brain_, the author Simon
LeVay brings up a case history of a child that was born as a male, but when
he was circumcised, had some problems (I won't go into detail in deference
to all). Because of the mistake by the surgeon, they decided the best thing
to do would be to make him a her. The file was closed at the child's
teenage years stating that all went well, a fisty child, but generally
adapted to the change.

Interestingly enough, a few weeks, I was watching television about sex
changes and this same case was brought up. It was reopened and disclosed
the fact that the child did not in fact adapt well. She never fit her role
as a woman. She didn't have sex, couldn't enjoy it, didn't menstruate, etc.
She researched her own history and discovered the sex change as a child.
She later had her sex changed back to a man and got married, and adopted a

I think it the date for the first sex change is still a primary date because
it references a lot of changes both within the medical community and
society's first adaptations to gender changes. I think a second date would
someone's voluntarily desire for a sex change and has it is performed, and
that person is able to fully enjoy his or her new sex -- performing sex and
having orgasms

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