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At 11:05 PM 7/12/97 +0000, Kathryn Aegis wrote:

Natasha wrote:

>>Does anyone have the date for the first sex/gender change or male or female?

>This may be a tricky question, as you don't have to have surgery to
>render a sex change. Use of hormones will also drastically alter
>biological sex organs, and often surgery is not needed. In some
>cases, surgery makes the change more permanent.

Yes. However, I'm most interested in the first sex changes for
documentation. Sarah offered a date of 1931. I will need to learn if these
early sex changes allowed for the organs to be functional for performing sex.

>In modern times, several disorders related to gender have been
>identified, each having a course of treatment that would fall under
>the category of a sex change: (snip)

An excellent book is _The Sexual Brain_ which covers the biological basis
for sexual appearance and development.

>Babies that are born with sexually indeterminate organs are...

Could be the early date stated above.

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