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<< our minds could already be a collective of many independent
conscious beings >>

Two books to reference : Marvin Minsky's "Society of Mind" and another
(whose title and authori can't remember exactly) but it's something vaugely
similar to "The advent of consciousness and the breakdown of the Bicameral

Key Concept: Memes (memes=information virus running on biological computer)

Everyone is uncouncious about a third of their life (sleep), plus they
operate on "auto-pilot" a fair amount of the time. (How often are you trully f
ocused on what you are doing? Only when engaged in creative endeavor I
suspect. Problems solving)

Minsky writes that our mind is comprised of a vast multitude of "programs"
running both simultaneously and sequencially.

The author of the books whose title I mangled asserts that mankind as a group
was not "counscious" until one of the early civilizations (Asyrians?...The
dudes with the clay tablets) He furthur asserts that there were some
holdouts until rather recently...(how else could Pizzarro and just a few
buddies effectively stomp and entire civilization...I mean we Texans did
pretty good at the Alamo but get REAL!)....The conquistadors were "conscious"
the Aztects (as a whole) were not.

Now suppose that consciousness is a meme. And suppose that there are
different the flu....(are you more conscious than Bubba? Is
Bubba even conscious at all? Is Bubba even awake?)

That being stipulated...wouldn't it require a language to transmit
"consciousness"...or at least some type of meme vector....(TV transmits this to much of a stretch?)