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<< I think reproduction would expand to fill all available areas as soon as
possible. >>

Whence the Fermi Paradox?

Doesn't (mumble mumble)'s Law indicate that there has already been time
enough for the entire galaxy to have been colonized?

I would point out two possibly pertinent points.

As the level of affluence goes up....the birthrate goes down....

The only reason that the U.S.'s population is going up is immigration....the
"natives" are below ZPG. As is true in other industrialized nations.

REALLY HIGH Tech. (Nanotechnology, Uploading and consequently Very Virtual
Suppose that when a society reaches a certain level it IMPLODES. Expanding
into Cyberspace at many hundred multiples of lightspeed....but that that
cyberspace is expanding only at the speed that the society's nanotech is
converting all ambiet matter into computational machinery...