Re: ETHICS: reprogramming others, trials, justice (was Re:

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Sat, 05 Jul 1997 06:14:55 -0700

>Given we're talking about reprogramming technologies that don't exist
>yet, I'd suggest another, possibly simpler, technology
>by assigning a 'slap drone' to them. A small but
>physically powerful expert-system/sub-AI robot follows them everywhere
>and physically prevents them from injuring others. Apart from that, they
>are left at liberty.
>If they get fed up with this, they can always volunteer to have their
>psychology altered to a 'sane' Culture standard, or just leave Culture
>controlled space.
>Seems a justifiable approach to me,

Worth thinking about. But it still presupposes a lot of things staying
(nearly) the same.

How do you implement a "slap drone" for a Jupiter-eater?
For a galaxy-eater? Or for a suitably-subtle con man or atom rustler?

How do you implement banishment if the Diaspora has already headed out at
.99 c? Shipping someone out at .995 c just means they get to the
fresh raw materials first; not an entirely desirable proposition...?

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