Re: ETHICS: reprogramming others, trials, justice.
Sat, 5 Jul 1997 09:26:40 -0400 (EDT) wrote:

<< I was referring to reprogramming those people currently deemed
or "beyond help", like chain murderers, the mentally ill, etc. I didn't
that anyone would have a carte blanche to reprogram anyone who doesn't think
in any particular way. What would you prefer to offer someone, jail,
execution, or just reprogramming of the violent / stupid / whatever part of
their brain? Personally, I think a violent person would thank you after the
reprogramming because they'd realize how much better life is when they
so violent, and they didn't even need to become a vegetable as would occur
a labotomy. >>

Reprogramming wouldn't make completely different people. We could increase
intelligence and give these people the ability to look back at what they've
done and see the error in their ways. However, we could only enhance these
people in the hope that they might be able to correct themselves.
Reprogramming them to fit in with some notion of a 'good citizen' you or I
may have would be a bad idea (espicially if under government control).