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From: Amara Graps (
Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 08:05:00 MDT

From: Damien Broderick ( Mon Sep 24 2001

>A year or so back, there was a brief discussion on the list of the
>sub-orbital dynamics of a vehicle connecting distant places via an
>evacuated tube under the ground (maybe along a chord), impelled by
>gravity for a basically free ride. I'm putting this in an sf novel,
>but I had a drive-crash months ago that obliterated the saved
>messages, and the exi archive search engine isn't helping me (although
>I've tried 101 variants of topic and names).

The thread was titled: "Cooling technique for Jupiter brains" in early
February 2000.
(Doug Jones, Jeff Davis, Robert Bradbury, Spike Jones and I discussing).

I remember Spike and I having a blast throwing each other junk through
the tunnel. Our physical setup depended on a chord-tunnel through a
constant density sphere, though, so it was only an ideal situation. Jeff Robert Spike Jeff Spike me (physics eqns + ascii drawing) me (ascii drawing) Spike Doug Spike Robert

(Apologies if I missed someone's message)

* my ascii drawings didn't survive the archive processing,
unfortunately. I can send it in email if you want



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