Re: Is there still a chance for us? (question ?)

Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 08:01:07 MDT

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> Jeff, I suspect that there would be a lot of infection with the "minor"
> virus
> such as EBV, CMV etc that on a large scale would not be good. Also major
> virus or other disease vectors (BSV,HIV and who knows what else)could be
> spread.
> There is enough problems with whole blood products as it is.
> One question I had was how long the immunity lasts. If you were vaccinated
> as an
> infant and then re-vaccinated as a young adult and the second did not take
> (no second scar) does that mean you had adequate protection from smallpox at
> the time of the second vaccination? And does that provide any indication of
> protection as an adult?
> Best Wishes
> Ralph

       Thats a good question, Is the reaction to the vaccination and the
resultant scar an indicator of the effectiveness of the vaccination ?.
       When I was vaccinated I showed no reaction other than a small white
lump around the injection sight. This went down within an hour and left no
scar. Whereas everybody else without execption had a violent skin reaction
leaving a scar around 3/4 inch in diameter.
       Does this mean that I had a "duff" vaccination or could it be that for
some reason I was already immune, or just a freak who immune system reacts
differently ?.


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