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Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 22:40:09 MDT

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> Mike Lorrey <> Re: BSFAReply-To:
>Spike Jones wrote:
>> "Michael M. Butler" wrote:
>> > I will not tolerate the corruption of all I hold dear. MMB
>> >
>> > PS: I knew all that Boy Scout upbringing would be good for something someday. :) Fuckin' A.
>> PPS/tangent on a tangent: I have heard the term fuckin A since I was
>> a young man, and have never understood what it means or where it
>> came from. It must have a very odd etymology. Any ideas? The
>> way it is used is to mean, "indeed, correct, verily", etc. Is there an
>> early reference in literature?
>"Fucking Affirmative" - the utmost sort of verification of truth. Saying
>it quickly, firmly, and abbreviated as above does serve as a slight
>testosterone boost.... ;)
The US Navy variant is: Fuckin' Aye Dittybags, I Be Go-To-Hell!
And the A is freally Aye, meaning yes (as in 'aye, aye, sir!').

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