Re: George W. Bush's Speech on September 20, 2001

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Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 22:52:48 MDT

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>> In short it looks to me like the pressures of war are forcing us to
>> take a number of moral shortcuts. The point of morality, I believe,
>> is to provide a set of heuristics that will tend to advance long-term
>> interests over short-term expediencies. We seem to be moving in exactly
>> the opposite direction as we gear up for the coming fight.
>On the contrary, the moral fight being fought is that foreigners have no
>right to use terroristic acts against a government or its people. Bush
>has clearly demonstrated a delineation between national and
>international terrorism. He recognises that native insurgency rebel
>groups are too often labeled 'terrorists' by an oppressive government,
>based on how easily many US Democrats in the 90's labeled law abiding
>Americans 'terrorists' because they disagreed with liberal ideas on gun
>control and religious freedom.
Yeah, groups like the different militias, who derailed trains and planned attacks on power substations, or like the Order, who killed people and stuck up armored cars, and David Koresh's folks, who bought 200k worth of arms here in nw Fla for use in the armageddon that would come when authorities found out Koresh was screwing beau coup 12 year old girls in his room, or like McVeigh and his good buddies.

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